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CDISC for Academic Researchers

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Course Description

This training outlines how academic and research organizations can implement CDISC standards within their organizations. In this training, learners will understand the benefits of adopting CDISC standards. The training will also provide academics with a useful toolkit and helpful information for collecting and organizing research data using CDISC standards. This training also outlines navigating CDISC resources and how to contribute to clinical research standards development.


Course-Level Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the CDISC standards and how they improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of research data in order to recognize their value in academic research.
  • Identify individual CDISC standards in order to set the stage for implementation.
  • Support the adoption of implementing CDISC standards for data collection and organization in academic research.

Language: English | Duration:  | CEUs: N/A

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